Translational Research in Crops

Developing crops that are more resilient to rapidly changing and harsher environments will be crucial for tomorrow’s food production. Green biotechnology offers solutions to maintain high food productivity while preserving the earth’s valuable ecosystems.

This VIB conference ‘Translational Research in Crops’ aims at reviewing how crops cope with stress, how to improve crops through plant architecture, how to produce healthier crops, and the beneficial interactions of the soil microbiome.

Twenty leaders in plant biotechnology will present their latest insights in the following sessions:

  • Healthier crops
  • Improving crops through plant architecture
  • How do crops cope with biotic stress?
  • How do crops adapt to abiotic stress
  • Beneficial interactions of soil microbiome
  • Centuries of crop breeding

Besides an inspiring scientific program, conference participants will have ample networking opportunities during the poster sessions and networking moments.

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Confirmed speakers

  • Raquel Chan, IAL Instituto de Agrobiotecnología del Litora, AR
  • Cathie Martin, JIC, UK
  • Thelma Madzima, University of Washington, US
  • Maria Harrison, Boyce Thompson Institute, US
  • Sophien Kamoun, The Sainsbury Laboratory, UK
  • Barbara De Coninck, KU Leuven, BE
  • Idan Efroni, The Hebrew university of Jerusalem, IL
  • Caixia Gao, Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese academy of science, CN
  • Nathalie Gonzalez, INRAE Bordeaux, FR
  • Kaisa Kajala, University Utrecht, NL
  • Krishna Niyogi, UC Berkley, US
  • Giles Oldroyd, Sainsbury lab, UK
  • Annis Richardson, University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Julia Serres, UC Riverside, US
  • Cristóbal Uauy, JIC, UK
  • Dan Voytas, University of Minnesota, US


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Translational Research in Crops, Ghent, Belgium



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