With the aim to promote the careers of researchers at EU-LIFE centres, we launched 2 visiting programmes: one dedicated to the whole research community and one targeting Postdocs. 

Visiting Postdoctoral EU-LIFE seminars programme

This programme is offering a great opportunity for Postdocs to visit other EU-LIFE institutes to give a talk about their work and the future direction they might take as an independent researcher. In this way, these talks support international networking, help to boost a candidate’s career profile and should be seen as ‘practice’ job talks for independent positions. The programme aims to support Postdocs on the academic career track and that the program funds two Postdocs per year per institute.

When? The last call closed on Dec 1st 2019.

We invited Postdocs of EU-LIFE in their 3rd Postdoc year or later planning to apply for an independent research positions within the next 12 months to apply for an EU-LIFE Postdoc seminar speaker slot at one of our partner EU-LIFE institutes.
They submitted a summary of their proposed seminar, CV, motivation and the names of their top 2 choices for institutes to visit (in order of preference). Their institute and the hosting institute’s selection committees reviewed their application. If their application is selected for a talk at one of the partner institutes on the list they provided, they would have been notified and put in contact with the EU-LIFE representative at that institute for further organizational details.

Visiting Postdoctoral EU-LIFE seminars programme poster

Visiting Scientist programme

This programme aims to open up institutional assets (knowledge, technology, infrastructure, equipment, core facilities) to all scientific community within EU-LIFE. We invite PhD students, Postdocs, technicians, staff scientists and PI’s of EU-LIFE to visit partner institutes and participate in several types of training and research activities, plug in on each other’s core facilities, visit colleagues to learn a specific method and / or technique, and ultimately start scientific collaborations. The visits can have the duration of a couple of days up to 6 months.

When? Application to the programme is permanently open.

Upon identifying the research group/core facility of interest, the candidate researcher will ensure that both PIs/heads facility involved agree with the visit.  The candidate applies to the EU-LIFE visiting scientist programme by sending a 1-page description of the scientific project including relevance of the visit and CV to EU-LIFE Coordinator Marta Agostinho.
After the scientific visit, the researcher will send a 1-page report to the institute Directors and the EU-LIFE Coordinator on the outcome of the visit.