As an alliance of excellent performing life-science research institutes in Europe, EU-LIFE is committed to teaming up with European institutions and relevant stakeholders to promote better research value in and for Europe. This includes contributing to the public debate and working directly with policymakers for the development of research strategies and concomitant frameworks that deliver science-based solutions to the citizens.

Special attention has been given in participating at an early stage in European-level dialogue on EU framework programmes in many ways, i.e.:

  • providing input to policymakers and advocating for our vision on key priorities;
  • reinforcing scientific excellence;
  • creating a broader definition of impact to support breakthrough scientific discoveries;
  • investing in efficient models to connect research and professional knowledge transfer;
  • enabling outstanding science and innovation in all corners of Europe;
  • attracting and training the next generation of scientists.

EU-LIFE makes regular contributions to help shape the European research landscape, particularly with regard to excellent science in Europe, the successive framework programmes for research and innovation, and the development of the European Research Council (ERC). Some of our latest actions are highlighted below.


Excellent science in Europe


EU Framework programmes


  • Supporting ERC’s vision and priorities, and enrolling in regular discussions about its mission
  • Nominating ERC members and president, in the context of our regular actions in search of opportunities for researchers to play prominent roles in EU policy
  • Submitting concrete proposals on challenging aspects of ERC
  • Conducting public campaigns with ERC and other stakeholders with the aim to give visibility to ERC’s impact in science and society

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