Training the next generation of independent researchers and experts is a major priority for all EU-LIFE centers. Researchers are integrated in a multi-disciplinary network of basic and translational research centers with highly international research communities and access to cutting-edge technologies, a wide spectrum of conferences and seminars, and a complement of professional skills training and career development opportunities. EU-LIFE institutes run well-established PhD and postdoctoral training programs offering a broad range of subjects and training opportunities for PhD- and postdoctoral researchers. Together at EU-LIFE level, we amplify the scope of training activities to the whole network of EU-LIFE centres and provide benefit with specific activities e.g. to promote mobility while simultaneously sharing good policies and practices at institutional level regarding training strategies.

Training developed in projects

EU-LIFE is partner of projects in different areas such as responsible research & innovation, gender equality, open acience and citizen science. Here you can find the training resources developed in some of these projects, which are free and open to all.

Gender Equality in Academia


Open Science


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PhD and Postdoctoral Programs

With the goal to qualify PhD and postdoctoral researchers for an international career in academia, industry, or related areas of expertise, EU-LIFE centers have established a variety of international PhD and Postdoctoral Programs. Embedded in strong research environments the Programs for early-career researchers at EU-LIFE centers provide excellent research opportunities, access to a wide range of resource and cutting-edge technologies, complemented by extensive training frameworks including a wide spectrum of conferences and seminars, and a complement of professional skills training and career development opportunities.

In the following list various PhD and Postdoctoral Programs from EU-LIFE centers are presented.  For details on program calls, scientific opportunities, research training and complementary skills opportunities visit the websites of the individual institutes below:

International PhD Program at the CRG in Barcelona, Spain

CEITEC PhD School in Brno, Czech Republic

PhD in Systems Medicine in Milan (IEO), Italy

Training at VIB, Ghent, Belgium

FMI PhD Program in Basel, Switzerland

IC-PhD [Institut Curie International PhD Program] in Paris, France

PhD for MDs, PharmDs & other Healthcare Professionals in Paris, France

FIMM-EMBL International PhD Program in Molecular Medicine and Bioinformatics in Helsinki, Finland

FIMMPOD: Postdoctoral and Senior Researcher Professional Development Program in Helsinki, Finland

Post-graduate program Molecular Biology & Biomedicine (IMBB) in Heraklion, Greece

IGC PhD programmes in Oeiras, Portugal  

IGC Postdoctoral Training in Oeiras, Portugal

IIMCB PhD Programmes in Warsaw, Poland

iNAMES. MDC-Weizmann Helmholtz International Research School for Imaging and Data Science from the NAno to the MESo, Germany

HEIBRiDS Data Science School, Germany

ASPIRE. MDC Postdoc Career Track Program, Germany

MCD-NYU Exchange Program in Berlin, Germany

CeMM PhD Program in Vienna, Austria

CeMM Pre-ERC Postdoc Program in Vienna, Austria

NKI Careers & Study, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

PhD programme in Molecular Mechanisms of Disease in Copenhagen, Denmark

PCP – Postdoc Career programme in Copenhagen, Denmark


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