VIB Tech Transfer Course

Do you want to know how scientific inventions are turned into real-life medicines, products, and agricultural innovations? Are you interested in how patents serve to protect your invention? Or would you like to learn what it takes to create a biotech startup company? Join VIB’s Innovation & Business team in our annual Technology transfer course!

At VIB, we're on a mission to turn our scientific discoveries into real-world solutions that benefit both society and the economy. Our dedicated Innovation & Business team works tirelessly to bring these breakthroughs to life by securing patents, devising strategic intellectual property (IP) plans, forging partnerships with industry leaders, licensing our IP and know-how, and even fostering the creation of spin-off companies.

In the past half-decade alone, our efforts have yielded impressive results. We've built a portfolio boasting over 250 active patent families, formed over 1500 partnerships with industry pioneers, generated more than € 130 million in industrial revenue, and facilitated the birth of 36 dynamic spin-off ventures.

VIB Innovation & Business also features a unique drug discovery unit (VIB Discovery Sciences) which collaborates with VIB labs to derisk small molecules and antibodies and make them more appealing for biotech or pharma companies.

This technology transfer course will give you a flavour of:
- How to protect your invention through a patent application.
- What steps are necessary to commercialize your work.
- What it takes to set up a spin-off company.
- How to turn your research into value for society.

VIB Tech Transfer Course 2024



Technologiepark 75
9052 Ghent, Belgium
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