Technology Transfer

This Working group focuses on the following questions:

  • Organize EU-LIFE pitching events with life sciences investors.
  • Map processes and good practices (in the field of IP, licensing and spin-off creation) which tech transfer offices need to be establish in order to mature to a more performant and efficient organisation.


Anabel Sanz, CRG, Co-Chair
Tim Van Acker, VIB, Co-Chair

Emily Boyce, Babraham Institute
Daniela Trsova, CEITEC
Prudence Donovan, CeMM
Cécile Campagne, Institut Curie
Nicolas Favre, FMI
Marzia Fumagalli, IEO
Marta Ribeiro, IGC
Vera Martos Riano, MDC
Antonia Klein, MDC
Koen Verhoef, NKI