Science Communication

This Working Group focuses on the following questions:

  • From local to international media: how to get impact in international general-interest media. 
  • Social Media for scientists and/or for the general public: common strategies.
  • Public relations and institutional contacts management.
  • Scientific output: publications, citations, h-index: how to match actual needs with available resources.
  • Open access and repositories: special clauses and obligations in EU projects.
  • Sharing best practices on benchmarking papers

The Science Communication Working Group also designs and implements the EU-LIFE internal and external communication strategy. 


Latest events
Science Communications Working Group, Crete, 2022


Laura Álvarez, CeMM, Co-Chair
Giorgia Guglielmi, FMI, Co-Chair

Gloria Lligadas, CRG
Omar Jamshed, CRG
Ester Jarour, CEITEC
Greta Caprara, IEO
Lucilla Titta, IEO
Sofie Bekaert, VIB
Katrina Wright, VIB
Isabelle Baumann, FMI
Inga Siden-Kiamos, IMBB-FORTH
Evanthia Zacharioudaki, IMBB-FORTH

Christiana Divini, IMBB-FORTH
Ana Morais, IGC

Antonio Gomes da Costa, IGC
Małgorzata Staszkowska, IIMCB
Vera Glasser, MDC
Jutta Kramm, MDC
Anna Schwendinger, CeMM
Louisa Wood, Babraham Institute
Michael Norman, Babraham Institute
Anne Rahbek-Damm, BRIC