The IT Working group was formed in November 2013 to adress a variety of topics linked to data storage, user support and IT development. 

It has established the following action plan:

  • Define storage best practices (policies, architecture, cost containment, life cycle management, pressure and volume with vendors for better prices)
  • Define best practices for computational support (shared computational resources with national or universities, code optimization)
  • Each institute provides a high level list of applications supported to facilitate knowledge exchange.
  • Establish a list of active and planned projects in order to discover synergies.
  • Establish IT collaborations in areas of common interest and look into defining overall best practices.
Meeting at IMBB-FORTH (Grecce), October 2022 © Christos Tsoumplekas. IMBB


Yann Dublanche, CRG, Co-chair
Jan de Graaf, NKI, Co-chair

Cass Flowers, Babraham Institute
Robert Vácha, CEITEC
Mischa Pilz, CeMM
Rodny Hernández, CRG
Emyr James, CRG
Jean-Gabriel Dick, Institut Curie
Timo A. Miettinen, FiMM
Dean Flanders, FMI
Arnaud Ceol, IEO
Joao Sousa, IGC
Paweł Kobylar, IIMCB
Maria Astrinaki, IMBB-FORTH
Emmanouil Dialynas, IMBB-FORTH
Karsten Haecker, MDC
Els Herregods, VIB
Rinaldo Beck, VIB
Alexander Botzki, VIB