Raising the visibility of EU-LIFE members from widening countries

EU-LIFE members from widening countries are well-established research institutes with extensive scientific expertise, excellent scientists, professional core facilities and long experience in running European framework programme projects. Partnering with them for Horizon Europe projects, either in the proposal or post award phase, is highly advantageous.

Four of the fifteen members of our alliance are based in widening countries, i.e. CEITEC (Czech Republic), IMBB FORTH (Greece), IGC (Portugal) and IIMCB (Poland). They all have efficient and experienced grants offices, fully capable of providing support in liaising between researchers and supporting application processes. Moreover, collaborating with researchers from Czech Republic, Greece, Poland & Portugal can be an exciting, inspiring and enriching scientific experience!


EU-LIFE members in widening countries


The European Commission promotes geographical diversity in the composition of Horizon Europe project consortia and provides specific instruments with the aim to widen participation and boost research & innovation performance across Europe. The Hop On Facility allows already approved and running Horizon Europe projects to invite one additional partner from a widening country.

We launch today a factsheet developed by members of the EU-LIFE Grants & Funding Working Group in order to help raise the visibility of the four institutes of our alliance based in those territories and their valuable assets.


EU-LIFE members in widening countries