Periphery-brain interplay and CNS disease

This first edition will focus on the most recent insights in the field as presented by leading scientists.

The following topics will be discussed:

  • The gut-brain axis
  • Body-brain signaling and impact on homeostasis
  • Adaptive & innate immune system interplay in the diseased brain
  • Immune surveillance at the brain borders

More information will follow soon. Keep me posted.


  • abstract deadline: September 12, 2023


  • Menna Clathworthy
  • John Cryan
  • Jane Foster
  • Sarkis Mazmanian
  • Rejane Rua
  • Francisco Quintana
  • Michael Heneka
  • David Gate
  • Marina Romero-Ramos
  • Jony Kipnis
  • Melanie Greter
  • Burkhard Becher
  • Julie Siegenthaler
Periphery-brain interplay and CNS disease



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