LifeTime is a new transnational and interdisciplinary initiative of leading European researchers at over 50 renowned organizations across Europe, who selected 18 partners to submit the proposal as a FET Flagship. The LifeTime EU grant consortium received funding from Horizon 2020 for a one year Coordination and Support Action (CSA) to prepare a roadmap for a large-scale research initiative.  

The European Union is concurrently funding the preparation of five other potential research initiatives. After the first year of funding, the EU will decide if any of them will be continued as a large-scale research initiative.


The Lifetime initiative aims to map, understand the cellular and molecular mechanism underlying the onset progression and therapy response of key diseases by developing and combining several disruptive technologies, applying them to patient samples and in the clinic. The LifeTime consortium brings together academia, physicians, industry, the public and the policy makers in an open and integrative spirit. 


The expected outcome is to advance understanding and early diagnosis, interception, treatment of a wide range of diseases towards innovative and personalized medicine.

In the future, LifeTime technologies will enable physicians and clinicians to access the molecular history of patients’ tissues and learn more about their future development and the consequences of perturbations or medical treatments. 

EU-LIFE participation

EU-LIFE is an associated partner of this breakthrough initiative, which is jointly coordinated by two of its members: the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) and the Institut Curie (IC). 

LifeTime is developing a fundamentally new approach to understanding the constant changes within cells and their relationships, thus creating the foundation for the precision medicines of the future.

LifeTime scientists are world leaders and pioneers in key disciplines and the initiative is currently merging several research communities in Europe including single-cell biologists, computer scientists, mathematicians, clinicians, pathologists, imaging experts and physicists.

By developing synergies through a unique collective European network, LifeTime is totally aligned with EU-LIFE core values and mission.

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