EU-LIFE welcomes new Community Officer and Policy Officer

We are very pleased to welcome Marijn Huiskamp, Community Officer, and Iris Uribesalgo, Policy Officer, to the EU-LIFE team.

Iris & Marijn


Marijn Huiskamp, EU-LIFE Community Officer

Marijn Huiskamp joined EU-LIFE as Community Officer in April 2023. He has a PhD in Clinical Neuroscience by Amsterdam UMC and is motivated to help improve the academic climate in order to create better science and happier scientists.
In his spare time, Marijn likes to play sports (mostly CrossFit and football), go for a hike or simply enjoy the sun with a drink.
Marijn’s main tasks include guiding & supporting EU-LIFE working groups and task forces in their activities, promoting internal communication and contributing to the development of joint activities & strategic projects.


Iris Uribesalgo, EU-LIFE Policy Officer

Iris Uribesalgo joined EU-LIFE as Policy Officer in May 2023. She holds a degree and a PhD in Biomedicine from the Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona), and has more than 14 years of research experience in international leading institutes in the life sciences.
From 2019, she has worked as grant writer and consultant for European and international grants, participated in numerous projects as scientific writer, managed European projects and developed training workshops for researchers in cross-cutting topics.
As Policy Officer, Iris follows the European Research & Innovation policy agenda, identifies relevant developments for EU-LIFE, contributes to the draft of EU-LIFE policy documents and supports our policy action.


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