Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe
Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe

Babraham Institute

The Babraham Institute, which receives strategic funding (a total of £23.1M in 2012-13) from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), undertakes world-leading research to generate new knowledge of biological mechanisms underpinning ageing, development and the maintenance of health. Research focuses on signalling and genome regulation, particularly the interplay between the two and how epigenetic signals can influence important physiological adaptations during the lifespan of an organism. By determining how the body reacts to dietary and environmental stimuli and also how it manages microbial and viral interactions, we aim to improve wellbeing and healthier ageing.

Babraham Research Campus
CB22 3AT
United Kingdom
Institute Director
Babraham Institute
18 Nov 19 Nov 2019
Cambridge United Kingdom

The UK’s Babraham Institute will host the 2019 EU-LIFE Scientific Meeting. This year’s theme of Signalling and Gene Regulation in Health & Disease aims to bring together scientists from across the EU-LIFE alliance to address fundamental aspects of biology that underpin human health and bring about a greater understanding of disease.

19 Apr 20 Apr 2017

We will be holding a workshop at the Babraham Institute, Cambridge on April 19 and 20 on the use of whole-genome metabolic reconstructions and metabolomics to advance the understanding of C. elegans metabolism.

27 Mar 28 Mar 2017
Cambridge United Kingdom

The Ageing Cell Conference will bring together an international community of researchers from the fields of immunology, genetics, epigenetics & signalling to discuss ageing at the cellular lev