Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe
Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe

Drug Discovery

1 Mar 2018

This training on drug discovery will acquaint the attendees with challenges, opportunities and latest developments in drug discovery. The training will start with a keynote talk during which a broad overview of the drug discovery field and the drug development pipeline will be given. In the first session, we will address the importance of target selection and validation in drug discovery, crucial issues to improve success rates in clinical trials. Next, we will focus on different approaches for small molecule discovery, such as high-throughput screening, phenotypic screening and fragment-based lead discovery. Additionally, drug discovery based on biologics will be discussed, encompassing the latest innovations in developing antibodies and recombinant proteins. We will end this training by highlighting new approaches in therapy, i.e. the potential of cell therapy and genome editing. Over the different sessions, fundamental concepts governing drug pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics will also be dealt with as they are critical elements of new drug discovery, and improvements of successful drug development. For more information:

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