Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe
Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe


EU-LIFE call for action on the small- and medium-sized research infrastructures

EU-LIFE urges the European Parliament and the EU Council to push for a strong Horizon Europe

EU-LIFE urges the European Commission (EC), the European Parliament (EP) and the European Council to create a strong Horizon Europe (Framework Programme 9)

2017 Highlights on the three priority areas of EU-LIFE

European policy, open science, scientific collaborations, crisis communication, research infrastructure, technology transfer, talent exchange and career development, funding, data management…

Key priorities for FP9 announced in a EU-LIFE position paper

The EU-LIFE community is extremely proud of this appointment and will be looking forward to collaborating further with Edith Heard in her new role!

We invite PhD students, postdocs, technicians, staff scientists and PI’s of EU-LIFE to visit partner institute and participate in several types of training activities, plug in on each other’s core facilities, visit colleagues to learn a specific method and/or technique, and ultimately to start scientific collaborations.

Researchers from the 13 EU-LIFE member institutes gathered at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in the Helmholtz Association (MDC) in Berlin to discuss their latest exiting research.

The meeting hold extremely high level scientific talks and provided an opportunity for both junior and senior researchers to network and forge potential collaborations.

Watch the video for a quick overview at the EU-LIFE Newsletter  

The EU-LIFE Strategy Group, which includes the Directors of the EU-LIFE member institutes, its main representatives and the chairs of EU-LIFE working Groups met at the MDC in Berlin, back to back with the EU-LIFE Scientific Meeting.

After two days of outstanding scientific talks on the Principles of Homeostasis, the Strategy group of EU-LIFE met to discuss priority topics in European policy: the next Framework programme (FP9) and the key priorities for open science.