Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe
Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe


6 Nov 7 Nov 2017
10 Sep 16 Sep 2017
Barcelona Spain


4 Sep 7 Sep 2017
Barcelona Spain


19 Jun 23 Jun 2017
Paris France

This course focuses on breast cancers both on a biological and a clinical point of view.

19 Jun 23 Jun 2017
Barcelona Spain


22 May 23 May 2017
Berlin Germany

The annual scientific meeting aims at fostering interaction and scientific exchange across the EU-LIFE research community under the umbrella of a common topic.

19 Apr 20 Apr 2017

We will be holding a workshop at the Babraham Institute, Cambridge on April 19 and 20 on the use of whole-genome metabolic reconstructions and metabolomics to advance the understanding of C. elegans metabolism.

3 Apr 7 Apr 2017
Barcelona Spain

The eukaryotic genome is non-randomly organized in a hierarchy of structures: chromosomes territories, which occupy preferential positions within the interphasic nucleus, are segmented into topolo

Past Events

27 Mar 28 Mar 2017
Cambridge United Kingdom

The Ageing Cell Conference will bring together an international community of researchers from the fields of immunology, genetics, epigenetics & signalling to discuss ageing at the cellular lev

23 Mar 24 Mar 2017
Paris France


23 & 24 MARCH 2017


20 Mar 21 Mar 2017
Antwerpen Belgium

A VIB Tools & Technologies Conference.

26 Jan 27 Jan 2017
Bruges Belgium

ER stress and autophagy are evolutionary conserved cellular pathways that play important roles in our defense against proteotoxic stress and infections.  They are likely to be major pathways in th

17 Nov 18 Nov 2016
Leuven Belgium

A VIB Tools & Technologies Conference.VIB’s Tools and Technologies meetings provide a forum for top academic speakers and scientists from both established and emerging companies to pr

14 Nov 18 Nov 2016
Berlin Germany

 It is our pleasure to announce the first EU-Life Signature Course for Biological Image Reconstruction and Analysis at the MDC-Berlin.

2 Nov 3 Nov 2016

The EU-LIFE Community Meeting will be held at NKI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

22 Sep 23 Sep 2016
Leuven Belgium

Advances in genomics through to in vivo physiology allow us, for the first time, to explore cellular heterogeneity at multiple experimental levels. Nowhere is this more important than in the Central Nervous System (CNS), where cellular heterogeneity has profound effects on all aspects of normal brain function and behavior, and explains important aspects of disease pathology.

This meeting assembles leaders in the field of single cell analysis, together with junior faculty, post-doctoral fellows and graduate students. We will discuss both cutting-edge technological developments in single cell analysis and what they reveal about CNS function and disease.

The conference will be preceded by a training day for graduate students and post-doctoral researchers, which will introduce junior researchers to essential techniques used in the field. More information about this will follow.

In addition to a great scientific and training program, there will be ample opportunities to network during the breaks, poster sessions, Meet the Expert-session and conference dinner.

- Abstract Deadline: July 10, 2016
- Early Bird Deadline: August 10, 2016
More information can be found on

12 Sep 23 Sep 2016
berlin Germany

The course will cover fundamental topics in computational genomics and its applications in precision medicine.